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What are we talking about? The more systemized we get the more we create consistency within our business. Referral business is our business. So, in order to plug the hole of inconsistency, we've created tools to help you be more systemized, freeing you up to invest more time and energy in building your business and developing your personal relationships.

✔︎ Client Relationship Management- This includes not only a CRM but our Client Relationship Manager who helps you create consistency with your past clients and sphere of influence.

✔︎ Transaction Management- With our transaction coordinator, the days of not getting paperwork completed in a timely manner are over! Not only does sloppy paperwork create more work for you but it's unprofessional and doesn't put your best foot forward when working with clients.

✔︎ Content Creation - Why do we create content? Content creation is the ultimate inbound marketing practice. When we create content, we're providing free and useful information to our audience, attracting potential customers to our website, and retaining existing customers through quality engagement. We have a system for creating written and video content. Keep in mind that 82% of all consumer web traffic will be video in 2020. We have a robust library of real estate and community content that we will continue to build with your help!

Positive Team Environment

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  Aristotle knew that a team of like-minded individuals working together could accomplish much more than individuals working in silos. We believe in leveraging the best of what each of us has to offer to lift all others. Whether you need help with your business when you take a vacation or simply want to learn from others who can help you navigate a new situation with a client, we are here to support you. With over 40 years of combined real estate experience, we know the best environment is a collaborative and positive one and that is why we place a premium on the positive team atmosphere.

✔︎ Training- We believe life-long learning is essential to our personal and professional development. Selecting a particular book, expanding our Ninja training, or any other skills training is a top priority each month.

✔︎ Accountability - We talk openly about our goals and the areas we are working to strengthen. We are willing to be a bit uncomfortable because that is when good things happen!

✔︎ Client Events - By leveraging the parts of the whole we are able to do events and community initiatives that solo agents simply can't do because it's too expensive and it can just be too much to pull off.


Everyone in the business says they have "technology", but what does that even mean? Tech is simply a tool, and if it isn't used for a purpose then who cares? We combine our systems and our team to leverage the technology. It's a tool and we use it. Here are a few ways we do:

✔︎ Website- Our world-class website is built on the premise of promoting listings, customization, and lead capture. While we are building a referral-based business we also understand the power of leverage. Yes, that word again. We have a great website that we also use to capture names and emails of those who may be future clients!

✔︎ CRM- One of the things many agents don't have is an organized database of past clients that they can continue to build trust with. As soon as you have your database organized in a specific format, we can get you rolling in our client relationship management system.

✔︎ Email Marketing - One of the ways we continue to stay in contact with and build trust with past and potential clients is through email marketing. This isn't one of those "set it and forget it" automation gigs. This is real-life, valuable content that we've curated for the purpose of building trust and strengthening relationships with those in our database.

✔︎ Social Media - This isn't just posting a listing link from the MLS to Facebook. No, this is cutting-edge, real strategy behind our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube platforms. Everyone posts something to social media at one point or another but we INVEST in social by putting $$, time, and other resources towards building a presence on these platforms. We are learning and growing along with each platform.

✔︎ Personalized Web App - Your own personalized and easily shareable web app is an ideal substitute for your business card! Prospective and current clients can browse properties on the go and you get notified!!

There's one more thing...

Our name, Kasby, is unique for real estate teams. Why? It isn't anyone's name and we aren't a traditional team. This is intentional. As a part of our group of like-minded agents, you get to be you and market your skills. Yes, you're part of the Kasby Real Estate group but your name is on your listing, your face is on our videos. We want you to succeed and we're here to help.

If you like what you've seen so far...

We do more than just real estate. 

We invest in our community. If you're a community minded person and want to make a difference, you'll love what we are doing!

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